Why Tie Dye?

Our Tie Dye Process Creates Wearable Folk Art.

Our tie dye process has a long history. Humanity has been experimenting with resist dying techniques going all the way back to the indigo pits of Africa.

Fabric was soaked in water and thrown into pits and pots to absorb the colors of the earth. There was beauty and artful expression to behold in each item of clothing the process created. These are the origins of our folk art tie dye process.

And here's a fun fact. Why do you think our famous American Blue jeans have such a unique worn look and way of fading? The indigo molecule is actually larger than the cotton molecule so it's never absorbed but only sits on the top of the fabric. Time, wear, and tear eventually remove it leaving only the slightest hint of color.

Our environmentally sound dyes, on the other hand, actually form a permanent bond with the natural fibers of bamboo. Only UV rays or chemical bleaching will remove the beautiful shades you choose.

Our tie dye process leaves the natural fabric room to show its naked beauty, invoking shapes of the world around us. We see owls, cats, stars, human faces, and every shape imaginable in our finished products. We carefully apply dyes to our folded, tied, and twisted fabrics to achieve what we call Wearable Folk Art.