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3 to a Pair.
One of a Kind.
All Ways A Match.

is the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese symbol for longevity, durability and flexibility. Its joined stems represent the path to happiness and enlightenment. Though known universally for its resiliency, bamboo fabric is smooth, soft and silky. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and it's one of the great earth-friendly and sustainable fabrics on the planet.

We strive to acquire our fabrics from companies producing bamboo viscose with the latest low carbon footprint processes and from those companies practicing fair labor with good working conditions. We also try with ever increasing success to purchase material made in the USA. more »

Giving Back

The San Francisco Sock Company believes very strongly that at the end of every day the energy you put into your life and world matters. It's a reflection of your true self and impacts the energy of each new day. Have fun every day and act respectfully and charitably towards yourself and the world. This is the heart of our philanthropic charter.
We encourage you to help us recognize people and organizations that are active proponents of conservancy, literacy, and human rights. We use earth conscious techniques in our manufacturing process and give back to our world community daily. When you place an order with The San Francisco Sock Company, you can choose one of the featured charities and we'll donate $1 from your purchase to help make the world a better place. more »

Welcome to Our Online Store

We are a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company embracing creative self expression and sustainability. We are proud to use beautiful bamboo fabric in our clothing because it makes you look and feel great and it is good for the world.

All of our products are unique pieces of wearable folk art so the items you receive will vary slightly from those pictured in our online store. Thanks!